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"Shotwize is a lifelong dedication to delivering the very best video and associated media."

Film and Video Production Services

Getting started with Shotwize

Think of the diverse way that video can help you and your organisation.  Visuals work best in any situation but a video can not only tell the story with pictures but also give that all powerful emotive angle with superior sound and narration, and as we always say:

Sound is 60% of any film or video production.

Areas of speciality:

  • Product promotion
  • Short website video profiles
  • Company and corporate videos
  • Milestone and achievement films
  • Training films
  • Conference filming and support
  • Travelogs
  • Live events and music promos
  • Sports edcucation
  • Food promotion
  • Automotive promos & training
  • Social and Special Interest
  • Feature length documentaries
  • Location photography