Shotwize established team of professionals have a combined industry experience of over 70 years.

Our media professionals


The Founder

Video production is all Jus knows having worked in the production industry since completing education and continues to embrace new technologies and techniques adding to his unique creativity.


The Creator

Ken is a truely genuine operator and is a valued foundation in the business.  He is technically ace and loves to work on all projects including his major strength in animation development and motion graphics.


The Fixer

Andy is super technical and excels when it comes to planning our multicam setups or live streaming. Andy is a cool operator with a vast knowledge of 20 years service in this exciting industry.

We're a genuine dedicated team and our professionalism is celebrated.  The attention we give to each and every project is highly praised.  We constantly look for new ways to innovate so we know that our clients are always getting the best experience possible.