As we say - "This is where the magic happens"... But in truth it's where the gloss is applied to a well planned and thought out production that started with our initial brainstorm.

Post Production

Post production is the industry title for the editing stage of the production process. Shotwize has a fully equipped studio for cutting and producing the final content for delivery. We can edit, add voice over tracks, music backing tracks and more in depth graphics and animations. We offer this service as part of the video production process or as a stand alone service for clients who bring us their own shoot material or archive.

Our studio has a creative vibe and plenty of hot tea, coffee and snacks on demand!

Green Screen

Shotwize has a full range of mobile studio backgrounds that can be set up on location and colour customised for your shoot. They are very popular for superimposing products or presenters onto a full motion background in the post production stage. Very effective!


On Site Editing

On Site Editing

Your requirement may be for an on site edit to be performed for a conference support material or a show where video content is needed for playback on the spot to celebrate highlights. We have a portable studio which works just perfect for this and we work with your conference venue or AV supplier to ensure the integration of video at your event is seamlessly successful.

The Delivery

Delivery of your completed video or associated media is outputted to your very own file specifications and can be preloaded to a hard drive, a usb or uploaded to a file server for easy access.

One of the great things about digital is the ability to output draft versions of our work at intervals for clients to view and sign off at every stage, anywhere in the world...